Ben Wiener – Generic Drugs Pioneer

Ben Wiener – The History of the Generic Drugs Revolution

Ben Wiener – Generic Drugs pioneer
I drove down to Vancouver WA to interview Ben Wiener. Ben is a pioneer of the Generic Drugs industry. Back in the late 1940s, Ben began to realize the incredible disparity between the costs and prices of prescription drugs. He began a lifetime quest to bring generic drugs to the American mainstream. Today as Ben looks back at his incredible career, he cannot believe that because of some bad decisions he is broke and the industry he founded is positively impacting every American family. This interview is just the beginning of a new documentary we are creating about the History of the Generic Drug Industry. The interview with Ben went very well. We talked for almost five hours. I was totally fascinated by the incredible history tales of the birth of Generic drugs, from stories of “patent jumping” to scary scenes of death threats and battles with the FDA. Ben is a very interesting fellow with a remarkable story. We are working now to put together a proposal we can show investors to really do this film as a major motion picture for national distribution.

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