Chef of Seattle documentary

Chefs of Seattle Documentary


Last summer I was driving down the road, listening to the radio when I heard the speaker talking about how “Chefs are like Rock Stars.” This caught my attention and I could not get it out of my mind. I instantly knew I had to make a movie, a documentary, about chefs. This is how the “Chefs of Seattle” documentary project started.

We took the top ten chef lists from the Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, Seattle Magazine, Seattle PI, and other publications we could find, combined the lists, looked for common names, and then we had our own TOP HIT LIST of potential Chefs of Seattle.

Thanks to some great footwork by my co-producer Mitchell Pickett, it did not take long to set up our interviews with these top chefs.

Here they are. The Chefs of Seattle.

Bobby Moore

Daisley Gordon

Eric Donnelly

 Ethan Stowell

 Holly Smith

 Peter Levine

 Rachel Yang

 Scott Carsberg

 Shannon Gallusha

 Thierry Rautureau

 Tom Douglas

 Vuong Loc

Also the following Food Critics helped us with the movie, too.

 Eileen Mintz

 Nancy Leson

Thanks for everyone’s support for this fun film. For more info go to


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