Congrats to Dion McIntosh

Congrats to Dion McIntosh

Congratulations to DION McINTOSH, who was on the new ABC Television show “Rediscovered” last night. Dion won $50,000 and will be heading to Las Vegas to open for Donny and Marie Osmand.

Last year RJ and the Inventive Productions crew of Charles McHatton and Tyler Griffin drove down to Dana Point, California to shoot the unbelievable wedding of Amy and Dion.

It was a fantastic, incredible experience meeting Dion and Amy’s families and friends. I am very proud of how the wedding video turned out, too.

Last night Dion McIntosh appeared on the ABC show in a singing competition between people who were close to being childhood stars, and never quite made it. Dion is an amazing singer, father, friend, and man. Everyone was inspired.

So, congratulations again to DION McINTOSH. He really is a good guy.

You can learn more about his wife Amy and her singing career at

You can see some short video clips from their wedding video byCLICKING HERE

We wish Dion and Amy great luck. Congratulations on your new baby, too.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.



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