Dr. Mark Dedomenico – CEO of Pro Sports Club

Dr. Mark Dedomenico — CEO of Pro Sports Club

Dr. Mark Dedomenico
I was very impressed during my interview with Dr. Mark Dedomenico.  Mark visited our Green Screen studio to be interviewed for my new documentary, “CEOs of Seattle.”  Mark talked about his beginnings as a graduate of the St. Louis University Medical School and how a paper he once wrote helped trigger the evolution of the medical procedure known as the Coronary Bypass Surgery.  I could tell by meeting Mark that he is a visionary, a thinking-man, who is dedicated to changing the world.  Mark has dedicated his life to overcoming the challenge of obesity.  Mark is a former cardiovascular surgeon and the co-founder of the Hope Heart Institute in Seattle.  Then Mark talked about how he became the CEO of the worlds largest health club, Pro Sports Club, in Redmond, WA.   I learned alot during my interview with Mark.  He is a great role model about how a person’s total focus can make a difference.   I remember how my father had a bypass back in the 1980s.   Maybe my father lived another day because of Mark Dedomenico.  Maybe a lot of people will live longer due to the due dilligence of Mark. Then we talked about his love of horses and his Pegasus Equine Rehabilitation Center.  Mark has started one of the world’s premier centers for the rehabilitation and training of horses.  Mark definitely is a multi-faceted person.  He believes in excellence in everything he does.  Thanks Mark for letting me interview you for my documentary film.

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