Fumiko Hayashida – 99 years old

Fumiko Hayashida – 99 years old

Fumiko Hayashida
I had the great fortune to be able to spend a couple of hours with Fumiko Hayashida, interviewing her for a video project. Fumiko is 99 years old and still full of life, laughter, and great wisdom. She told me great stories about her life living in the Northwest. Fumiko told me the incredible story about how she was pregnant with two small children with her husband when she was told to “evacuate” to the internment camps down in California. I asked Fumiko if she held any animosity to America for what happened to her. She said she always trusted the US Government and just wished the war was over faster. She and her children and husband lived for three years in a camp in the desert. I was deeply moved by my experience interviewing Fumiko. She is a very wonderful person.

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