Naomi Novotny & Mark Zoske – CEOs of SaltWorks

Naomi Novotny & Mark Zoske — “CEOs of Seattle”

Naomi Novotny & Mark Zoske from “SaltWorks”
I first met Naomi and Mark back about a year ago when we were doing the video for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce for their Eastside Business Awards.  Naomi and Mark’s company SaltWorks was nominated as a finalist for the EBA Awards.  Producer Mitchell Pickett and I had travelled to their facility to interview the owners and shoot the footage for the video to be shown on the big screen at the awards ceremony.  Both Mitchell and I were deeply impressed with the enthusiasm and success of SaltWorks.  We were inspired by their rags to riches story, of starting in their garage with an idea, and now looking to expand their business to a new 100,000 square foot facility.  This week Naomi and Mark visited our Inventive Productions studio in Redmond to be interviewed for my new documentary “CEOs of Seattle.”   They decided we should interview Mark even though they really are a united leadership team.  Mark told some great stories about his childhood and his hopes and dreams of being a successful business owner ever since he was a kid.  He talked about the other five businesses he owned before finally hitting a winner with SaltWorks.  I was deeply moved by his management philosophies and his dedication and committment to excellence.  His interview will really help our movie.  Thanks Naomi and Mark for taking the time to help us with this documentary project.  We wish them the very best with the incredible growth of their company.   They are a terrific team.

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