The New Fighting Seabees Movie

The NEW Fighting Seabees Movie

The New Seabees Documentary Film

Award-winning director RJ McHatton was going to make a movie about his sister Patty and her experience serving her nation as a Navy Seabee in Iraq. Then the word got out and RJ started getting calls from Seabees from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars. The calls were very emotional and powerful. Everyone told RJ that there really needs to be a real movie made about the Seabees.

So RJ McHatton has taken on the task to create a new documentary film about the NEW fighting Seabees. Using interviews with the men and women who have served as a Seabee, our goal is to tell the history and human story of the Navy Seabees.

History of the Seabees WORLD WAR II KOREAN WAR

We need your help! If you are a Seabee, we need your Story!

To see a video clip from our movie, go to

To be interviewed for this documentary film, please contact

RJ McHatton
Inventive Productions LLC
(425) 284-1900


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