Dave Coffman, CEO of Coffman Engineers

Dave Coffman with Director RJ McHatton

Dave Coffman with Director RJ McHatton

I met Dave Coffman in downtown Seattle at the Coffman Engineers office.  Dave Coffman is the CEO of Coffman Engineers.  He is a real character.  I was interviewing him for the Puget Sound Business Journal video about the “Best Workplaces” finalists.  Coffman Engineers has been around for over 30 years now.  Dave talked about how he started the company 30 years ago in Bellevue, then expanded to Alaska and now they have coverage all over the Western US and do work all over the world.  Coffman Engineers has a great track record, with several large long-term clients including Nordstroms.  Dave talked about his focus on integrity, honesty, and dependability.  He talked about the culture he has tried to nurture over the years.  He said that several of his people have gone off to  start their own companies and he is proud that he has been a mentor to so many and that his team voted Coffman as one of the best workplaces in Washington.  Dave told me he really cares for his people.  He said the secret to their success has been their people and their belief in diversity.  I really enjoyed meeting Dave Coffman.


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