Kurt Carlson, CEO of Propel Insurance

Director RJ McHatton with Kurt Carlson

Director RJ McHatton with Kurt Carlson

I could not stop thinking about my interview with Kurt Carlson of Propel Insurance.  He really impressed me with his interview.  I had driven down nto Tacoma to meet with Kurt as part of a video we are making for the Puget Sound Business Journal’s annual “Best Workplaces” Award.  Kurt’s company Propel Insurance was a finalist this year.    Kurt told me how the company started many years ago and how they recently had changed their name.  He told me how they nurtured the culture and about the incredible character of his team.  Kurt started talking about all the many things that his  company has created to help inspire a positive workplace.  I was definitely impressed.  In addition the normal medical benefits and 401ks, Propel had created several recognition awards and parties to inspire team mates to look for and find heroes among the team.  Their goal is to recognize and focus on the positive things that people do everyday to help others.  They try to catch people doing things right.  I was inspired by the enthusiasm of Kurt Carlson and his huge goals for the future.  Kurt talked about how he has learned a lot from his mentors including friends he has made at the YPO, Young Presidents Organization.  Propel definitely seems like a great place to work and I can see why they were nominated by their employees for an award.


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