Matt, Steve, and Ben interview – Turnstyle

Matt Diefenbach, Director RJ McHatton, Ben Graham and Steve Watson

Matt Diefenbach, Director RJ McHatton, Ben Graham and Steve Watson

I drove over to the Seattle offices of Turnstyle, a fast growing Graphic Design firm.   I was there to interview the leadership team of Turnstyle because they were finalists for the annual Puget Sound Business Journal “Best Workplaces in Washington” award.  I was immediately impressed with the Turnstyle team.  The office had a great receptionist, but as I looked around it seems that I could see almost the entire staff in one big loop of view.  The offices had lots of people but they weren’t in cubicles or offices.  It was one big room, with the leaders and regular employees all working hard on their computers.  There was a very positive buzz in the air.  I set up my camera, lights, and sound equipment in a small office of someone who was out that day.  I interviewed Matt, Steve, and Ben individually, and then all together.  My goal was to find out why they were nominated as one of the Best Workplaces and to find out their secret to success in business.  I quickly learned that these leaders were a great team.  Each partner had specific skillsets that when put together equalled an unbeatable match.  They told me how important their culture and values were to the fundamental success they had achieved.  They talked about how every member on the team was like friends, so they valued taking time off together for an event or even just a drink.  They thought it was worthwhile shutting down the entire office to go have a fun time together.  They talked about how important relationships with clients and the employees meant to them.  They told me how they believed in trust and integrity and diversity.  Matt, Steve, and Ben were so enthusiastic that I felt enthusiastic and energized, too.  These guys were very creative and fun, but I could tell they took their business very seriously and would go the extra mile to find creative solutions to a project.


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