Scott O’Brien – interview for his father’s Video Biography

Director RJ McHatton with Scott O'Brien

Director RJ McHatton with Scott O'Brien

It was a gorgeous day as we drove up to Cashmere, WA .  We decided to go interview Scott O’Brien for his dad’s video biography on our way to a family funeral down in Oregon.  My Suburban was occupied by my son Jason and my great-granddaughter Virdenna.  It was one of the hottest days of the year in the Seattle area, so it was fun to go up in the higher elevations towards Cashmere.  Cashmere is located north of Cle Elum in Central Washington.  Scott had hired us to make a professional Video Biography on the Life and Times of his father Michael O’Brien.  Over the past few months I had interviewed Mike several times up in Edmonds and several of his kids.  Scott was to be our final interview for this project.  As we arrived at Scott’s business, Jim’s Auto Sales, we were very impressed with the cool selection of cars on his lot.  Scott did a super interview.  We went ahead and shot lots of footage of the cars and trucks and did another interview of Scott for a possible TV commercial we want to do for him.  You can see a short clip from our Video biography of Michael O’Brien by clicking here:  VIDEO CLIP


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One Response to “Scott O’Brien – interview for his father’s Video Biography”

  1. Alison Barbour Says:

    If you are still in touch with Scott O’Brien, could you please give him my contact information? We were friends from the 1980’s we lost track of each other in the early 2000’s when I moved back to Seattle to get married. I’d very much like to connect with Scott and his family again.


    Alison Barbour
    206-364-2498 home
    206-291-3214 cell

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