John Gavin – Actor (“Psycho”), Ambassador to Mexico, Friend of Johnny Myers

Director RJ McHatton with John Gavin

Director RJ McHatton with John Gavin

John Gavin during acting career

John Gavin during acting career

I drove up the windy road up to the top of the hill looking over Beverly Hills and to all of LA, to the home of John Gavin.  I was there to interview John Gavin for my documentary “Flying Man: Life and Times of Johnny Myers.”  John Gavin was a successful actor in Hollywood during the 50s and 60s, in movies like “Psycho” for Alfred Hitchcock.  He also was a successful businessman and then became the Ambassador to Mexico under Ronald Reagan.  John was also a good friend of Johnny Myers for over 25 years.  John likes to be called “Jack” Gavin.  We sat together as I recorded on video his memories of his friendship with Johnny Myers.  I could tell that Jack Gavin stilled misses Johnny Myers.  Jack talked about how he met John Myers at the Sunset Club.  Jack talked about the good times he had with Johnny Myers.  He talked about their times at the Los Angeles Country Club and at the Bohemian Grove outings.  Jack Gavin talked about John Myers the man.  He told me that Johnny Myers was a wise man, a humble man, a man whom he admired very much.  Jack talked about flying with Johnny Myers.  He told a story about how Johnny Myers could do rolls with the aircraft without anyone ever spilling their drinks.  He talked about the character of John Myers.  Jack talked about Lucia Myers and how she was the first woman on the Bank of America Board of Directors.  Jack talked about Johnny Myers’ sense of humor and how he used to call himself “skinhead” because of his balding hairline.  Jack Gavin said it must have been contagious, pointing to his own hairline with a smile.  Jack was very nice in our interview and he did a great job in describing many excellent stories about John Myers.  He talked about the great aviation stories that Johnny Myers would tell, only if asked.  He said that Myers wasn’t the type of person who talked about the past unless you dragged it out of him.  Jack Gavin talked about how kind Johnny Myers was to everyone and how he had great courage.  Not the kind of courage one brags about.  The humble kind of courage. I could tell that Jack Gavin had many fond memories of his experiences with John Myers.   Thanks, Jack Gavin, for taking the time to talk about your friend, Johnny Myers.


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5 Responses to “John Gavin – Actor (“Psycho”), Ambassador to Mexico, Friend of Johnny Myers”

  1. TINA Says:


  2. Bea K. Says:

    Thanks for posting, I’ve always loved Gavin’s work, and thought he was one of the ‘BEST’ actors in all of Hollywood. Good to see he’s doing so well. PLEASE look up a little thing titled, ‘Crisis: A Truce of Terror’, with Gavin and Steve Forrest (with Gavin speaking ‘spanish’)? Excellent and moving piece of work.

  3. Terry L Martin Says:

    Actors like him should never be forgotten.

  4. Mary Tapia King Says:

    Your article was very interesting! I am wondering if you have contact information for Mr. Gavin. He knew my great uncle, General José María Tapia. I am our families genealogist, and I am flying to Mexico City next week to meet with family. I am trying to gather everyone’s memories of the general. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

  5. kg Says:

    John would have made a great James Bond.

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