Bombardier Business Jets Presents

Bombardier LearJet
Bombardier Business Jets Presents
Have you ever been inside a Lear Jet?  While we were down in Southern California for the Legends of Aviation event, we were commissioned by Bombardier Lear Jet Business Jets to make two short videos.  One video was about the terrific VIP Private Party that was held in some hangars near Clay Lacy Aviation in Van Nuys.  The party was awesome.  The hangars were full of incredible array of Lear Jets and lots of interesting people.  I was totally amazed at the great library of cool photos of celebrities who have owned Lear Jets.  Danny Kaye, Frank Sinatra.  Some of the most cool people of all time!
Here is the link so you can watch the Bombardier Presents Clay Lacy PARTY VIDEO.
The second video Bombardier asked us to make was about the Legends of Aviation event itself.
Here you can see the Bombardier Presents Legends of Aviation EVENT RED CARPET VIDEO.
Thanks to Bombardier Business Jets and Clay Lacy Aviation for the opportunity to make these videos.


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