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Video Biography of Kathleen Pulsipher

October 13, 2014

I am so blessed to have made a video biography of a wonderful artist, mother, grandmother, and woman of faith.  I was totally inspired by this incredible woman, Kathleen Pulsipher.

Here is Kathleen’s testimonial about the experience of getting her video biography made by RJ.

“RJ McHatton is a highly skilled video biographer. His technical expertise is top-notch, yet RJ has the creative ability to know how and where to place the visual and the audio elements. He was able to take my ideas and refine them into a much better plan than the one I had envisioned.
RJ was not just interested in me as a client, but as a person whose story he wanted to present in the absolute most memorable way possible. He helped me see the impact my story will have on my descendants sixty years from now. RJ is personable and willing to make certain I was pleased with every part of the video. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in quality and efficiency.”

Kathleen Pulsipher
Salt Lake City, Utah

Kat Engagement pic for newspaper '68


Dale Harlan, quiet hero from WWII

October 12, 2011

Dale Harlan with RJ McHatton

I really enjoyed my interview today with Dale Harlan, a war hero from World War II. Dale served in the Army Air Corp in the Battle of Midway and then as a paratrooper for the 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles) in Holland and Bastogne and th…e Battle of the Bulge. Dale was injured in battle and earned two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars, and other medals. After the war Dale served in the Oregon State Legislature twice and was a practicing attorney for 40 years. Dale is a typical quiet hero living next door.

US Army General Julius Braun

October 12, 2011

US Army Brigadier General Julius Braun (ret) with RJ McHatton
I enjoyed my interview with US Army Brigadier General Julius Braun who served in WW2, Korea, worked with Dr. Von Braun and German scientists on rockets, missiles and Space program.
Julius’ father was a famous US General killed in WWII.  Like father like son, they both became Generals.

US Army General Gustav J. Braun. 
US ARMY Brigadier General Gustav J. Braun, Jr. was the Assistant Division Commander of the 34th Division at the time of his death in 1945 in combat in Italy.
He was the highest ranking US soldier killed in action during WWII.

Lynn Tilton — CEO of Patriarch Partners and MD Helicopters

October 13, 2010


RJ McHatton with Lynn Tilton


I really enjoyed and was moved by my interview with Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners and MD Helicopters.  Lynn has dedicated her life to helping others through social entrepreneurship.  It was an amazing experience learning how this single mom could build an empire by saving classic American brands and keeping the jobs here in America.  It was fun flying in her helicopter over Hoover Dam, too.

Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut

February 3, 2010

Interview with Buzz Aldrin

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin with RJ McHatton

It was fantastic interviewing Buzz Aldrin about his life and times.  He is a man

with determination and focus on the future.  Buzz gave a terrific two hour interview

about his childhood, his school years, his time in the service as a fighter pilot,

his time in the service as a fighter pilot, his shooting down two MIGs in the Korean War,

his time as an astronaut, and a great deal of great stories about his life since Apollo.

Buzz totally focuses on inspiring us to not give up on Space Exploration.

He feels we should skip the moon and head straight to Mars.  He is a great, enthusiastic inspiration.

Here is a link to the video I made about Buzz Aldrin for the Living Legends of Aviation.

Let me know what you think of my video.

Peter Allen talks about Johnny Myers – Part 2

October 23, 2009

A nice visit with Larry Lehmer

October 19, 2009
Author Larry Lehmer

Author Larry Lehmer

I had a great meeting with author Larry Lehmer over at the Monaco Hotel in Seattle. Larry is a former journalist from Des Moines, Iowa who has helped numerous people write their memoirs.  Larry is also a former member of the Association of Personal Historians and the author of the bestselling book “The Day the Music Died: The Last Tour of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens” (Schirmer Books).  We talked about the current state of the Personal Historian business and some of the best ways to do an interview.  It was great meeting Larry and I appreciate him taking the time to visit with me.  You can learn more about Larry Lehmer at

Carroll Shelby talks about John Myers (“Flying Man”)

October 7, 2009

I really enjoyed meeting Carroll Shelby. He talked alot about his growing, his father, his heroes, and car racing. Here he talks about his friend John Myers aka “Flying Man.”

To learn more about this documentary go to

Tom Jones remembers his friend John Myers (“Flying Man”)

October 7, 2009

Here is a short video from our interview with Tom Jones for my documentary film “Flying Man: Life and Times of John Myers.”

You can learn more about this film at

Maria and Griff Get Married – The documentary

October 5, 2009
Maria and Griff enter the Wedding Reception

Maria and Griff enter the beautiful Wedding Reception where a lots wonderful surprises awaited them

williams family

Maria's Parents Doug & Lori Williams and Grandparents Bud & Dolores Anthony

Its been a journey of joy working on the documentary “Maria and Griff Get Married.”  Part one of the documentary was shown at the great Wedding Reception last night at Herban Feast in the Sodo section of Seattle.  Stacy Kvam and her team did a fantastic job in organizing the wedding.  Over the past few weeks I have interviewed several members of both Maria’s and Griff’s family.  Since Griff is from Texas, I interviewed his mom and brother over the phone, and then several of his friends and family at last night’s reception.  The video has been a secret to the Bride and groom so I hadn’t met them until last night.  Everything went perfect. It was great to also meet some of Maria’s cousins who flew in from Germany and a lot of Griff’s friends in from Austin, Texas.  You can learn more about Stacy Kvam at and Herban Feast at You can learn about Maria and Griff at