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Video Biography of Marilyn Ferguson

October 13, 2014

It’s been a terrific experience to be creating a fantastic Video Biography of Marilyn Ferguson. I was so impressed with her story of meeting her husband on a train during World War II. And they were married over 50 years. It always amazes me how one chance moment can change a life into a whole new direction. Fascinating story of an Air Force family who traveled all over the world to serve our country. Very nice people.

The Ferguson Family

Ferguson family picture


Video Biography of Nish Zundel

October 13, 2014

It’s been a fantastic experience creating the Video Biography of Nish Zundel from Salt Lake City. Nish has lived an amazing life. From jet fighter pilot to gold miner to entrepreneur. Nish Zundel really has led a Wonderful Life. I am proud to help create his video biography.

Here is a testimonial from Nish’s son Matt who commissioned RJ to make a video biography of Nish Zundel.

“I was at a football game with my good friend and client John Foley and I mentioned some frustrations my family was experiencing in getting a biography book made about my father. John said I should think about doing a video biography and that his good friend RJ McHatton actually has been doing video biographies for years and for clients all over the world. RJ and I connected on the phone and he sent me several samples of RJ’s work I could see online. We put together an agreement and RJ flew into Salt Lake City to interview my father. RJ was caring and did a great job in making my father and family feel comfortable during the interview process. My family and I enjoyed working with RJ. He made the video biography process fun and this experience has actually helped bring our family closer together. I think having this video biography of my father will become a priceless part of our family legacy. To see and hear my father tell his life story in his own words and with his own unique voice captured forever is amazing, inspiring, and very important.

J. Matt Zundel
Salt Lake City, Utah

Here is a picture of Nish Zundel when he was a fighter pilot in the US Air Force.

nish zundel pilot

Interview with Everett Endicott – aviator World War II

October 13, 2014

Wonderful experience interviewing today with Everett Endicott, who served in the US Army Air Corp and US Air Force from December 1941 to August 1969. Everett first got his flying license in Redmond, Oregon before the WWII started. It cost him $65. With his experience, Everett served in World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War as an aviation instructor. He was instructor on all types of aircraft, from the P40s, P51s, to F84s and numerous other jets in Korea, Cuban Missile Crisis, and Vietnam. Everett received the Bronze Star. He told me how much he liked training in dog fighting. I was most impressed when I met his wife Betty and learned they have been married for 71 years! I asked him what the secret is to a long, happy marriage and he said, “I don’t know.” They raised three children, one who is the mayor of Redmond, Oregon.

Everett Endicott with filmmaker RJ McHatton

Everett Endicott VHP