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RJ Interviews World War II Veteran Henry Tiano

October 13, 2014

RJ Interviews World War II Veteran Henry Tiano

Had a great time doing a video biography interview with World War 2 veteran Henry Tiano today. Henry served as a US Army Infantry Staff Sargent in the 75th Infantry in Roanne, France, 40 days at the Battle of the Bulge in below zero temperatures in Belgium, and in fighting at Colmar, France, Holland, and all across Germany. He made Corporal three times and was demoted three times back to Private, once for not getting a haircut. During the war Henry had many jobs in the artillery unit including mess hall Sargent and chauffeur for an officer. He had a couple close calls during the war, including a piece of shrapnel tearing off the shoulder of his coat, but no injuries. One inch more and he could have been hurt bad. After the War Henry went home to his wife in Salem, Oregon, raised a family with 3 kids, and worked for the local natural gas company for thirty years. Henry is a truly humble Italian-American hero, born in Kingston, New York in 1921. All four of his older brothers served in the war, too!

Henry Tiano with RJ McHatton
Henry Tiano Battle of Bulge


US Army General Julius Braun

October 12, 2011

US Army Brigadier General Julius Braun (ret) with RJ McHatton
I enjoyed my interview with US Army Brigadier General Julius Braun who served in WW2, Korea, worked with Dr. Von Braun and German scientists on rockets, missiles and Space program.
Julius’ father was a famous US General killed in WWII.  Like father like son, they both became Generals.

US Army General Gustav J. Braun. 
US ARMY Brigadier General Gustav J. Braun, Jr. was the Assistant Division Commander of the 34th Division at the time of his death in 1945 in combat in Italy.
He was the highest ranking US soldier killed in action during WWII.

Greg Shaw – US Army – 1st Calvary – Vietnam

June 29, 2009

Greg Shaw – US Army- 1st Calvary Division – Vietnam

Greg Shaw (1969)
Greg Shaw (today)
Greg Shaw came to our green screen studio to record his free interview for the Veteran’s History Project for the Library of Congress.
We have volunteered to do 100 free video interviews of veterans for the great Library of Congress program called the Veterans History Project.
Greg Shaw served for his country in the US Army during the Vietnam era.
His job was to receive the missions reports and then to give them to the officers on the front lines in Chinook helicopters. Greg had some incredible photos from his time in Vietnam.
Greg left the service as an E-5 Specialist. Today Greg is a successful real estate broker working in Magnolia for Windermere.